SAKOR Technologies introduces its Accudyne family of AC Motoring Dynamometers. The Accudyne offers an extremely flexible dynamometer system that is readily compatible with a broad range of testing applications, including conventional engine and power-train systems, hybrid vehicle drives, electric motors and rotary components, such as alternators, generators, pumps, compressors and much more.

Available in sizes ranging from fractional to over 2,000 horsepower, and speeds in excess of 30,000 rpm, Accudyne dynamometers are appropriate for almost any rotational testing need. Modern vector drive technology allows the Accudyne system to provide true 4-quadrant capability, with completely seamless crossover between motoring and loading modes. It also offers the most precise speed and torque control available, especially in low speed applications where full torque can be applied all the way to stall (zero speed).

For more sophisticated testing requirements, the Accudyne dynamometer family offers advanced features, such as:

o Inertia Simulation – The Accudyne can simulate the inertia of the target device, eliminating the need for adding physical weights and flywheels to the test system.

o Engine Simulation – Utilizing advanced DSP technology, the Accudyne can simulate the firing pulses of a wide variety of engines. It can thus perform real-world testing of drive-trains and auxiliary components in a laboratory environment without the hassle and expense of a complete engine cell.

o NVH Testing – Water cooled versions of the Accudyne are extremely quiet, and therefore appropriate for NVH testing applications. Utilizing dynamic frequency shifting capability, the Accudyne can change its operating frequency, further eliminating any conflict with target frequencies being measured.

The Accudyne dynamometer, combined with an appropriate DynoLAB test cell control system, will provide optimum, reliable performance in a fully automated test system.

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