020200MA005XX56XXSUYIN’s 020200MA005XX56XX series offers a type-B, 5-pin Mini USB receptacle for surface mounting that is specially designed to meet the requirements of consumer products. At the same time, however, due to its particularly robust construction, it is also well suited for use in industrial automation tasks. This new USB receptacle with dimensions of 7.50 mm x 4.20 mm (L x W) features an in-board design. That means that it is mounted in an offset manner on the PCB, which reduces its height above the PCB to 5.25 mm.

Beyond this, the USB receptacle features outstanding mechanical toughness, even when subjected to high insertion and removal forces. Besides the five upright SMT contacts, two supplementary SMT soldering tabs and two side-mounted plastic guide pins as well as an additional THT bifurcated contact ensure reliable anchoring on the PCB. The number of mating cycles is specified at 5,000. This robust Mini USB’s other specifications include a contact current capacity of 30 V DC /1.0 A per pin, the contact resistance of 50 m? (max.), the insulation resistance of 100 M? (min., initial) and the operating temperature range of –40 °C to +105 °C.

SUYIN can supply customers with a quote for production volumes beginning at 80,000 pieces per year. Additionally, SUYIN can support the product ramp-up phase by supplying smaller amounts. Depending on the order volume and delivery times, diverse customer-specification adaptations can be made, for instance for modification of the plastic housing, different numbers of positions, types of contact plating, etc.

Key specifications at a glance:

Connector type
Mini USB receptacle, type B, robust SMT design
Number of circuits
5 pins
7.50 x 4.20 x 5.25 (L x W x H in mm, overall)

Part number

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