Dortmund, 28. November 2011. With a new range of optical fiber dividers tde – trans data elektronik completes their product portfolio in fiber optic technology. The optical fiber dividers are designed in an extremely compact way and support loose tube cables with up to 144 individual tails.

Loose tube cables include one or more plastic tubes each of them containing several fibers. For instance, a loose tube cable with 144 fibers includes twelve plastic tubes with 12 fibers each. So-called dividers or "Spider Fan-out" units separate the fibers and transform them into single loose tube cables which allow a direct connector termination.

optical fiber dividers

Lean dividers for 144 fibers on 1RU
"The new dividers are now available for the tde standard trunk cables and will shortly be available for the tML®-trunk cables as well. Users have the advantage of a fast plug and play installation with minimum space requirements," says André Engel, CEO of tde-trans data elektronik GmbH. Design and construction of the optical fiber dividers are based on tde’s experience and development expertise.

The divider program includes five different models for four to 144 fibers. The design of the divider is very compact. With a length of 85 mm and a diameter of 40 mm the 144-fiber divider easily fits on one rack unit (RU). The normal glands were deliberately omitted so that the screws cannot be loosened accidentally or opened carelessly. The divider housing is made of sturdy aluminum and offers an excellent tensile strength. Furthermore, the dividers are protected by durable and removable pulling socks.

The tML – tde Modular Link System
tML is a patented modular cable system that comprises three core components: Modules, trunk cable and rack mount enclosure. All system components are prepared and tested in the factory before going out to data centers, where they are predominantly installed. The plug & play installation ensures that systems can be up and running in the shortest amount of time. There are fiber optic and twisted-pair modules, which can be used together in a single rack mount enclosure achieving a very high port density. The heart of the system is formed by the rear-mounted MTP®/MPO and telco connectors, which enable the connection of at least 6 ports at once using 10 GbE or GbE performance. At 40/100 GbE, the modules are replaced by front panels with MPO adapters. Using 48 MPO-connectors, 1152 fibers can be implemented in a single rack unit.

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