Series 400APJanus Remote Communications adds Series 400AP Intelligent Terminals to their successful line of cost-effective Terminus platform products. The Open Platform GSM400AP, CDMA400AP and UMTS400AP Intelligent Cellular Terminals are complete wireless communication devices with integrated ARM9 processors and expanded memory. They include Serial, USB and Ethernet connectivity with a voltage input range from 7 to 26 VDC. The Atmel ARM9 architecture is capable of 400 MIPS and operates with Linux OS. Series 400AP products include CAN Interfaces and optional embedded GPS for AVL and asset monitoring, and have SD card slots for significantly expanded memory capabilities.

This new 400AP series allow for complex software applications to be located and processed at the unit, reducing the need for back-end operations. “Companies with complex remote wireless applications will find the 400AP the perfect integrated cellular solution for their requirements”, states Dave Jahr, General Manager of Janus. “We design all our products with our customers in mind to be cost-effective and feature and function rich.”

Designed specifically for communication protocol changes, the 400AP series removes the “end-of-life” worries from our customers by incorporating Janus Plug-In modems as the cellular heart of our Terminus products. Quickly and easily move between GSM/GPRS and CDMA and UMTS. Available soon with HSPA and EV-DO.

Features and Benefits
• ARM9 Processor capable of running embedded Linux
• Designed with Janus plug-in modems for quick and easy multi-network accessibility
• 128 MB of NAND Flash
• 64 MB of SDRAM
• SD Card Slot
• GSM, CDMA, UMTS (HSPA+ & EV-DO coming soon)
• 802.3 Ethernet 10/100
• USB Host
• 2 CAN Interfaces (2 Channel)
• Embedded GPS
• Externally exposed RS-232 and RS-485 ports
• Ruggedized aluminum enclosure
• Dimensions: 3.15” (L) x 4.27” (W) x 1.18” (H)
• HSPA+ and EV-DO available soon.