Symmetricom, a worldwide leader in precision time and frequency technologies, announced the availability of the industry’s first multi-sync software clock solution, the SoftClock SCi 2000 rel. 2.0, developed to meet the stringent synchronization requirements of LTE small cells, macro base stations and backhaul infrastructure.

The Symmetricom SCi 2000 SoftClock is a carrier-grade embedded multiple-input software clock solution designed to deliver high precision frequency and phase synchronization required by the evolving IP-based LTE infrastructure.

“The growth of LTE is driving increased demand for network robustness and reliability, and network synchronization solutions are needed to meet the rigorous timing and delivery requirements that ensure network quality,” said Ken Rehbehn, principal analyst, Yankee Group. “Flexible software solutions like the SCi 2000 help network equipment suppliers meet new operator timing and sync requirements, with faster time to market and lower overall design cost.”

The SCi 2000 rel. 2.0 SoftClock capabilities include:
• Frequency and Phase: the SCi 2000 supports the challenging LTE-TDD requirements of frequency (50 ppb at air interface) and phase (+/- 1.5 microseconds).
• Multi-sync: SCi 2000 handles multiple sync standards including PTP 1588, SyncE, GPS, UTI and E1/T1; it allows systems to select from multiple sync inputs and provide the best possible clock output.
• BesTime® precise time reference management algorithm: the SCi 2000 takes multiple inputs and disciplines local oscillators to generate a highly accurate clock output.

The SCi 2000 offers ultimate design flexibility to the designer by providing a hardware and architecturally agnostic software solution, and can work with a variety of oscillators ranging from OCXO to oTCXO. For more information, please visit: