SmartDraw Software announced key enhancements to SmartDraw VP, presented as the world's first visual processor, that improve the user experience and increase ease of use while adding key functionality. SmartDraw VP empowers the 95% of PC users who create only written documents to reap the benefits of communicating visually, and the enhancements announced today help users get the results they want faster than ever.

The new enhancements include:

New User Interface
SmartDraw VP’s user interface has been totally redesigned to be easier to use. The new interface is the same state-of-the-art design developed by Microsoft for Office 2010—which means every detail is backed by years of study and thousands of hours of user testing. The streamlined ribbon interface puts the most commonly used commands at users’ fingertips.

While the new SmartDraw is 100% compatible with Microsoft Office 2010, users do not need own Office 2010 to benefit from the new release. SmartDraw is fully compatible with older versions of Microsoft Office.

New Print Controls
SmartDraw VP’s redesigned print controls eliminate the need to click through dialogue boxes. Now printing options appear next to the visual without obstructing it. As various print options are selected, like paper size and orientation, for example, a preview is shown instantaneously so users know exactly what they will get without having to go through the extra step of a manual print preview.

New Templates
In addition to the more than 70 different templates for every type of visual, the new release of SmartDraw VP now includes a new template for Visual Outlines making it easy for users to quickly brainstorm and organize all thoughts, ideas, or tasks in a project. Visual outlines of tasks in a project can be instantly converted into a project chart (Gantt chart) with a single click.

The new release also includes a set of new templates for use in Visual Process Management (VPM). Visual Process Management totally revolutionizes the way processes are documented and managed by putting all company processes, positions, and responsibilities into a collection of interlinked visuals that can be navigated like a website.

The new VPM-specific templates make it easy to quickly document every position, process, and responsibility throughout your organization. More information on VPM is available at 

"Having a visual processor on every desktop enables visual communication throughout the organization, which in turn brings increased efficiency, more effective presentations and proposals, and less frequent yet more effective meetings," said Paul Stannard, CEO of SmartDraw. “The improvements in the new release of SmartDraw VP further extend these benefits by making the program even easier to use for everyone.”

SmartDraw VP automates the creation of 70 different types of business visuals including flowcharts, mind maps, project charts, timelines, floor plans, data charts and more. Built-in integration with Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF allows users to create and then share SmartDraw visuals with a single click.

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