NIC Components is pleased to announce the expansion of their High Current Unshielded NPI_P power inductors in inductance ranges and available sizes.

Now available in 4 case sizes ranging from 13.2mm X 9.9mm to 22.4mm X 16.3mm (LxW) with component heights of 6.4mm to 12.0mm. Inductance value range has expanded to now include up to 1,400uH in ±20% (M) and ±10% (K) inductance tolerances.

The NPI_P is offered as NIC's highest current rated unshielded power inductor with Isat ratings up to 33.4A. The NPI_P series also exhibits ultra low DCR down to 1.5m?. With an inductance range of 0.33uH to 1,400uH this makes NPI_P NIC's widest range unshielded inductor.

NPI_P power inductors are ideal for use where ultra low DCR is required in DC-DC converters and SMPS, power regulation for microprocessors, data communication, industrial controls, and wireless systems, PoL regulation, LED lighting, and display drivers.

• Unshielded design allows wide range of inductance values
• Ultra Low DCR
• High Idc & Irms Current Ratings
• 4 Height & Size Combinations

• Temperature Range: -40°C ~ +125°C (Including self-heating)
• Inductance Range: 0.33uH ~ 1,400uH
• Inductance Tolerances: ±20%, ±10%