Kelvin-Ready Front-Back DesignJohnstech International Corporation is pleased to announce the rebranding of its configurable ROL 200K (Kelvin) Test Contactor to better articulate the product's growing use for accomplishing more traditional test objectives. Introducing the ROL 200KR Kelvin-Ready Test Contactor for both pad and leaded style devices.

In order to spotlight the product's true capabilities, it has been rechristened the Johnstech ROL 200KR Kelvin-Ready Contactor. "The new name reflects the contactor's flexibility to provide Test Engineers a practical tool to accomplish much more than precision measurements of device signals. Kelvin-Ready technology simplifies the implementation and improves the reliability of feedback loops which can monitor output signals or control input signals. This provides a practical solution to improve just about any test objective, including enhancing characterization, increasing yields, reducing retests, system troubleshooting, and increasing MTBA," notes Mark Menzuber, senior product marketing manager. "And because Kelvin-Ready load board designs are simpler, more reliable, and less expensive than traditional Kelvin socket technologies, the production floor benefits as well."

Since first introduced in 2009, this Johnstech Contactor has provided test engineers with unprecedented test objective versatility for their pad and leaded devices. When populated with only force contacts, it has all the high performance features of the industry-leading, standard ROL 200.

But the Kelvin-Ready design of the newly named ROL 200KR accommodates field configurable, I/O specific sense contacts enabling precision Kelvin measurements, and test system monitoring feedback loops to improve any of the test objectives listed above.

As always, this Contactor guarantees a perfect, high-current, low-resistance connection every time. The design of the ROL 200K remains unchanged. But the moniker change to "KR" emphasizes its Kelvin and non-Kelvin capabilities. The ROL™ 200KR continues to offer a unique combination of our traditional high-current, solid Contact (the Force) and a dual-touch, flexible Sense Contact that surrounds the Force on both sides. This design ensures a good Kelvin connection regardless of device variations.

Also constant are the two self-cleaning features to ensure that the ROL 200KR delivers the lowest and most repeatable Kelvin contact resistance available on the market today. The Force Contacts include the oxide removal wipe action of Johnstech’s patented ROL technology, which automatically prevents surface debris build-up on the Contact tip. In addition, the Force and Sense work in combination to remove debris between the two Contacts. This wipe function provides long mean time between assists (MTBA), which lowers the overall cost of test.

"Also standard and unchanged, this Contactor continues to provide a load board solution that separates the Force and Sense load board traces in a front and back format, allowing standard size load board traces to route test signals," notes Menzuber. "Unfortunately, side-by-side spring pin designs require twice as many traces in the same amount of space, resulting in narrow traces. Narrow traces reduce testing reliability and increase manufacturing complexity and expense," Menzuber adds as he goes on to explain more distinct qualities of Johnstech ROL 200KR design.

Johntech's larger Kelvin-Ready traces maintain testing reliability and simplify load board design, reducing load board manufacturing expenses relative to other socket designs. For I/Os where Kelvin is not needed, removing the Sense line creates additional load board real estate and can also provide a straight-line path to high-speed connectors when testing RF and other high-speed signals.

With its unique configurable feature, the ROL 200KR Kelvin-Ready Contactor provides the ultimate in customer flexibility and operating value. "This is the same, superior, flexible, configurable Contactor our customers have come to rely on," concludes Menzuber. "Only the name has changed to communicate what sets it apart from traditional Kelvin technologies. The Johnstech ROL 200KR Kelvin-Ready Test Contactor stands up to its name. It's the one Contactor that quickly, easily, and efficiently configures for a variety of test scenarios."

For more information on the ROL™ 200KR Kelvin-Ready Contactor, you can contact Mark Menzuber at 612-378-2020 or visit