FieldSolutions, ( launched FS-Mobile, its real-time, location-based smartphone toolset for independent contractor resources.

Previously only available with full-time field technician provider companies, the FS-Mobile smartphone application represents a breakthrough in the speed and quality management of independent contractors for technology field service, according to Mac Lewis, CEO of FieldSolutions. “These tools enable unprecedented direct-to-tech control that improves the speed, performance, and reporting of work done in the field,” Lewis said, adding that geo-coded proof-of-proximity features benefit both field service technicians and service provider companies.

FS-Mobile offers a complete range of real-time “find, contact and validate” applications that technicians can easily download onto their smartphones. These tools were previously only available with high-cost, full-time field technician resources and are not generally available to client companies working through regional service providers. Key features and benefits of FS-Mobile™ include:

• “I’m Here”—An on-site locator gives clients real-time visibility into where the technician is located and how close they are to the work assignment. Technicians can also inform clients in real-time of their location for upcoming work coverages. Next month, technicians will be ableto reach out to a nearby “buddy” for back-up assistance if needed, reducing the risk associated with unavoidable work order schedule conflicts.
• “Proof-of-Proximity Check-In/Out”—The independent contractor can stamp the time they checked-in or checked-out on the word order, and FS-Mobile’s geo-locator establishes that the technician is actually at the site.
• Geo-coded proof-of-proximity photos can upload directly into the work order, further allowing the technician to document and assure the client that the work was performed at the correct location.
• FieldSolutions’ technicians can access their entire work schedule and all work order information from their smartphones, enabling them to better manage their time and travel routes, and acquire new assignments while in the field.

“FS-Mobile is a game-changer for our clients and field service technicians because it ensures more on-time arrivals and faster assignments for new jobs,” Lewis said, adding that FS-Mobile takes advantage of FieldSolutions’ unique unfettered contact between clients and contractors. “FS-Mobile revolutionizes the speed-to-source and quality assurance equation for deploying independent field service contractors.”