Roku 2_XS_Remote-with-Hand_FreespaceRockville, MD -- August 19, 2011 -- Hillcrest Labs announced today that Roku has licensed Hillcrest's patented Freespace MotionEngine software for use with its motion-sensing remote and its new line of Roku 2 streaming players.

The Roku Game Remote, which uses Hillcrest's MotionEngine technology, provides motion-sensing control utilized in gameplay and screen navigation for all three Roku 2 models --the Roku 2 HD ($59.99), Roku 2 XD ($79.99) and Roku 2 XS ($99.99). The Roku 2 XS comes standard with the motion sensing remote, while Roku 2 HD and Roku 2 XD users can purchase the remote as an optional accessory.

"Roku has raised the stakes in the streaming player market, and they have introduced a wonderful new casual gaming experience that consumers will love," said Dan Simpkins, CEO and founder of Hillcrest Labs. "Beyond Roku 2's elegant design and wide content selection, the new remote delivers state-of-the art motion control technology in products of exceptional value. We're very proud to have been selected by Roku to play such an important role in their next generation of devices."

"With the new Roku 2 platform, we're providing the most powerful streaming player on the market, with the simplicity, breadth of content, and value for which we are known," said Rajeev Raman, Vice President of Product at Roku. "Working with Hillcrest's Freespace technology, we designed an exciting motion control interface for point-and-click and motion controlled casual games. With the flick of the wrist users can play games like Angry Birds and enjoy more from Roku than ever before."

All three Roku 2 models feature 300 channels of streaming entertainment, including movies and TV shows from Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video and Crackle; live and on-demand sports from NHL, MLS and UFC; music from Pandora, MOG, Rdio and TuneIn Radio; photos and videos from Facebook, Flickr and Vimeo; plus news and entertainment from around the world. All three Roku 2 models also utilize built-in wireless, Bluetooth(R) for connecting a game remote, and a microSD expansion slot to support additional game storage. Retailers include,, Best Buy, Fry's Electronics and RadioShack.

Attributes of the Motion Sensing Remote: Freespace MotionEngine

Hillcrest Labs' patented Freespace technology is a complete solution for in-air pointing and motion control that can be added to a wide range of consumer devices including remote controls and game controllers for Smart TVs, streaming media players, Blu-ray players, set-top boxes, PCs, and tablets. Specific technical attributes of the Freespace MotionEngine include:

* Advanced Motion Processing: The motion sensing remote translates natural hand movements into precise onscreen actions, which allows users to easily select icons and control objects, small and large, on the TV screen.

* Orientation Compensation: Regardless of the orientation of the motion sensing remote in space (e.g. pointing at the ground, turned sideways, etc.), Freespace technology generates intuitive cursor movements and other on-screen actions. MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) sensors combined with Hillcrest's proprietary software enable consistent control of the device from any position – standing, sitting or reclining.

* High Precision: Freespace technology can distinguish between intentional and unintentional movement, including natural hand tremors. This means the motion sensing remote's cursor does not shake or jiggle on screen like other motion-based controllers. The Freespace-enabled remote allows for single pixel precision with low latency to ensure the highest precision.

* No Line-of-Sight Required: Freespace technology is based on inertial sensors which do not require line-of-sight to operate. This allows for a more relaxed usage model when compared to conventional infrared devices and motion-sensing devices that use cameras or optical sensors that require "line-of-sight" to operate. The combination of Bluetooth and Freespace technology gives users greater freedom to move around the house and comfortably use the remote control from any position.

Freespace technology is also the same technology used in Hillcrest's award-winning Loop(TM) pointer -- an in-air mouse designed for consumers who connect their computers to a television. Hillcrest Labs is backed by a broad intellectual property portfolio, including more than 50 issued patents, and more than 200 filed worldwide by the company.

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