Oscar 15 antennaSiretta Antennas, the Berkshire, UK based M2M antenna specialist announced the release of its Oscar 15 antenna, a rugged 2.4GHz antenna designed for increasing working range between access points and remote sites.

The Oscar 15 antenna uses a high gain, directional patch design enabling it to operate on the licence exempt 2.4-2.5GHz ISM band. This ensures its suitability to operate on the Bluetooth™ and WiFi (802.11) networks, ZigBee™ mesh networked systems (802.15.4) as well as other proprietary networks.

Increasing the working range of up to 850 metres when compared to a 0dB antenna tuned on comparable frequencies, Oscar 15 ensures high data rates can be achieved over longer line of sight distances whilst using standard wireless equipment.

Measuring just 93x93x25 mm and weighing 136 grams, Oscar 15 is designed for point to point systems and radiates a 65º horizontal and vertical beamwidth providing a “torch beam” radiated pattern. Ideal for outdoor environments, Oscar 15 ruggedly built using a die cast aluminium base with an ABS gray plastic cover over the radiating element.

Able to withstand windspeeds of up to 150Km/h, whilst operating at temperatures of -40 to 85 degrees C, Oscar 15 is supplied with a mounting bracket allowing secure fixing to a variety of mounting bases.

David Taylor, Business Manager of Siretta Antennas comments “Oscar 15 answers the growing trend of an affordable, high powered, 2.4GHz outdoor antenna to be used with standard 2.4GHz router and access point systems. Ensuring respectable data rates are achieved over longer distances. Oscar 15 makes it ideal for use discretely in remote buildings, outdoor SOHO or high end leisure park environments ensuring a good Quality of Signal is maintained for client’s benefits”.

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