Hall effect encoderAvago Technologies announced what is said to be the market’s highest-resolution Hall-effect magnetic encoder. The AEAT-6600-T16 encoder provides advanced positioning information with the performance required for harsh industrial applications such as contactless rotary position sensing, robotics, motor feedback and valve control, as well as for medical applications. The Avago AEAT-6600-T16 magnetic encoder offers up to 16-bit resolution for precise angle measurement over a full rotation of 360 degrees. The use of magnetic technology for motion control and sensing activities enables non-contact operation free from mechanical wear and tear. The encoder is a system-on-chip combining integrated Hall elements, analog front end and digital signal processing in a single device. It also features built-in programmability to allow customized encoder settings.

The AEAT-6600-T16 device offers simple one-step alignment with no calibration required, avoiding handling-related issues during setup and reducing assembly time and costs. The encoder delivers accurate performance over a large axial gap and radial displacement, reducing concerns related to assembly tolerance errors during the manufacturing process. The device offers serial output, reducing the number of wires required. The encoder is available in a small 16-pin TSSOP package and features low supply voltage, making it ideal for portable, battery-operated applications.

Additional AEAT-6600-T16 Encoder Features
Simultaneous incremental output of up to 1024 cycles per revolution (CPR)
Wide operating temperature range from -40° to 125° C
3-wire or 2-wire Serial Synchronous Interface (SSI) interface mode for absolute output
Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) and incremental output modes
Internal voltage regulator for 5V or 3.3V operation
Power-down mode to reduce current consumption
RoHS compliant

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