Visual Control PanelsLPRS announces the availability of the IQVCP range of Visual Control Panels. These competitively priced OEM LCD Display and Touch-Screen Controllers bring new levels of functionality to man-machine interfaces and may be fully integrated with the IQRF wireless communication system available from LPRS.

Using 256,000 colour 1.5” LCD and 3.3” Touch-screens the IQVCP visual control panels may be fitted to stand alone display units or integrated into OEM equipment. IQVCP visual control panels are available as standard products or fast turnaround custom displays and can enhance the aesthetics of product design and offer user-friendly, programmable and customisable control menu options.

Typical applications include control of home and office automation systems, domestic boilers, under-floor heating and fireplaces, gymnasium equipment, theatre and stage lighting and industrial control.

The IQVCP visual control panels can be fully integrated into wireless control systems and are available as built-in displays, table or wall mount panels and portable controllers with a thickness of less than 1cm.

A wide range of development boards are available for IQVCP visual control panels including demonstration software, ready-to-use functions and graphics libraries. The panels may be integrated into systems employing digital I/O, 1²C, SPI, USB, JTAG, CAN, LIN, RS-232 and 485, A-D Converters and Ethernet.

Users can upgrade software over the internet and all functions may be modified by software changes, maximising product life.

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