DTA-3290D-TA Systems is now delivering the ultimate software radio transceiver. The DTA-3290 - A highly flexible software radio transceiver complete with tunable RF, 16 bit Digital IF, FPGA and a 10 Gigabit network for data. The RF
frequency coverage is from 20 MHz to 6 GHz for both receive and transmit.

The instantaneous bandwidth is 40 MHz. The digital IF section includes a 16-bit 130 MHz ADC and 16-bit 500 MHz dual DACs with built-in programmable Digital Up Converter (DUC). The large Virtex 5 FPGA includes a programmable Digital Down Converter (DDC) core for bandwidth selection. The FPGA also implements a 10 Gigabit Network to carry full
bandwidth data to the computer. A separate 1 Gigabit network is provided for control. The FPGA also allows user core development.

“DTA-3290 is ideal for any real-time wide band radio application, including: Spectral Monitoring & Signal Detection; Cognitive Radio; SIGINT; COMINT; Radar; RF Test; Sonobuoy; TDOA... to name a few” stated Angsuman Rudra, CEO, D-TA Systems. “For the first time a complete software radio solution is offered in a compact 1U enclosure at an unprecedented low cost for wideband radio applications” he added.

The DTA-3290 can be connected to any server class computer via a 10 Gigabit Network Interface Card (NIC). D-TA offers Software Development Kit (SDK) to speed up application development. D-TA also offers DTA-1000 (1U) dual quad core server system with NIC and SDK pre-installed. It optionally includes up to 8 Terabyte storage.

D-TA is offering ready-to-run Application Software Modules (ASMs) for spectral monitoring, Record & Playback and Arbitrary Waveform Generation for RF Test & Simulation. D-TA also offers training for real-time multi-threaded software development for multi-core server processing.

About D-TA Systems Inc.
D-TA Systems Inc. serves the radio, radar, communications, sonar and test and measurement applications for the defense, aerospace and wireless markets. D-TA’s mandate is to drastically reduce the deployment time and cost. D-TA has addressed that mandate by offering reconfigurable box-level solutions that provide end-to-end coverage, including RF, IF, Acoustic Signal Conditioning, FPGA processing, high-speed networks, real-time recording and playback, and multi-core software processing. D-TA has also pioneered 10 Gigabit Sensor processing that offers virtually limitless scalability and ‘future-proof’ solutions. D-TA Systems also offers custom product design, development and manufacturing services in RF, Mixed-Signal, Digital and Video systems.For more information: