SB_3623X_PCIeData Device Corporation (DDC) introduces its exciting new Digital-to-Synchro/Resolver simulation PCIe card (SB-3623X), designed for test applications involving instrument grade angle position simulation of up to 6 channels at 30 arc seconds accuracy. This ½ size RoHS compliant card easily integrates with the smaller size desktops to perform lab testing on position sense for motor control, industrial automation, robotics, gimbal positioning, and valve control.

Benefits include:
• Up to 6 Independent Output Channels Programmable up to 90Volts Synchro or Resolver
• Up to 30 Arc Second Accuracy
• Programmable On-Board Reference Sine Oscillator
• Programmable Dynamic Rotation and up to 3 Two-Speed Outputs
• Includes Drivers and API libraries for Windows®, along with an Easy-to-Use Windows Based Graphical Interface Allowing Users to Conveniently Control all Functionality

“This new Digital-to-Synchro/Resolver simulation PCIe card, featuring a user-friendly GUI for plug-&-play needs, is an ideal time saving solution for test engineers and developers seeking a simulation method to test accuracy using an instrument grade PCIe card “, stated Roger Tomassi, DDC’s Synchro Product Manager.