CGR18650CHPanasonic, a leading battery manufacturer, has introduced a new high rate lithium ion cell, the CGR18650CH. The cell’s Nickel Manganese-based cathode material delivers higher discharge rates and better energy density and voltage than comparative cells. CGR18650CH cells are suitable for multi-cell applications. Specific features include:

• High discharge rate capability— up to 10 Amps
• 2,250 mAH nominal capacity
• High energy density and voltage
• Wide operating temperature range
• Excellent cycle life  

“We are pleased to introduce the CGR18650CH. It demonstrates Panasonic’s position as a leader in lithium ion technology,” says Dennis Malec, Sr. Applications Engineer of OEM and Industrial Batteries. “This new power cell will prove highly useful for a wide variety of applications in the medical market, hand-held power tools, memory storage and backup power.”  

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