USB Input Tool(Aurora, IL) Mitutoyo America Corporation announces the availability of a new USB input device that streamlines the interfacing of Mitutoyo Digimatic® hand measurement tools with PCs. The new USB Input Tool Direct: USB-ITN® includes seven models – each model is dedicated to a specific type of cable plug/ connector pin configuration. The new design negates the need for two cables, lowering overall costs by as much as 32%.

When connected to a PC’s USB port, the USB Input Tool is automatically recognized as an HID (Human Interface Device) keyboard device – a standard Windows® driver. No special software is required. A USB keyboard signal converter translates Digimatic® display values to keyboard signals. This enables the direct inputting of data into the cells of off-the-shelf spreadsheet software, such as Excel®. Data can also be automatically entered into Notepad® or similar programs. Data capture is much faster than manual entry. Additionally, reliability is increased because transcription errors are eliminated.

Optional Mitutoyo USB-ITPAK® Measurement Data Collection Software further enhances the productivity of USB Input Tool Direct: USB-ITN® by facilitating set-up. Excel® input destinations (workbook, sheet, or cell), cell-fill direction (right or down), cell fill intervals, and other settings can be specified. Sequential, batch, or individual measurement methods can be selected. USB-ITPAK® also enables mouse button, function key, and foot-switch functions.

Categories of Mitutoyo Digimatic® hand tools supported by USB Input Tool Direct: USB-ITN® include: calipers, micrometers, indicators, depth gages, height gages, bore gages, surface roughness testers, laser scan micrometers, linear gage/counters, and hardness testing machines.

Major Specifications
• USB Input Tool Direct: USB-ITN®
• Output: USB 1.1 or 2.0
• Communication speed: 12 Mbps (full speed)
• Power supply: USB bus power
• Mass: 59 g
• Certification: USB 2.0 obtained

Supported operating systems: Windows® 2000 SP4, Windows® XP SP2 or
later, Windows® Vista, Windows® 7
Supported Excel versions: Excel® 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007