Maxwell Technologies announced today that the North American office of United Kingdom’s Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) has granted European Economic Community (EEC)-Type Approval and Conformity of Production (CoP) clearance to Maxwell’s 125-volt Heavy Transportation Module (HTM125).

The EEC-Type Approval certifies that Maxwell’s HTM125 complies with the EEC vehicle electromagnetic compatibility requirements of Council Directive 72/245/EEC as last amended by Commission Directive 2009/19/EC and ECE Regulation 10.03. The HTM125 was tested to ensure immunity to radiated and conducted disturbances for functions related to direct control of vehicles, and compliance with requirements regarding control of unwanted radiated and conducted emissions to the intended use of electrical or electronic equipment in the installed or adjacent vehicles.

The associated Conformity of Production clearance certifies that Maxwell’s internal production and documentation control systems, procedures and practices comply with EEC requirements to ensure consistent manufacturability of the HTM125.

"Several European heavy vehicle and equipment manufacturers and hybrid and electric drive system integrators are designing the HTM125 into braking energy recuperation and torque-assist systems for greener, more energy-efficient products," said David Schramm, Maxwell’s president and chief executive officer. "The EEC-Type Approval and CoP clearance demonstrate that Maxwell’s procurement, production and documentation control processes meet the rigorous industry standards that our customers demand."
Maxwell’s 125v Heavy Transportation series of ultracapacitor modules is a high performance energy storage and power delivery product line for hybrid buses and trucks, trolleys and ot her light rail vehicles, mining and construction equipment and seaport cranes. All HTM products incorporate balancing, monitoring and thermal management capabilities to ensure industry-leading charge/discharge performance, high reliability and long operational life.

The HTM125 meets or exceeds transportation industry requirements for environmental susceptibility. The low equivalent series resistance provides the highest power capability required for heavy machinery. Used as the sole energy storage or in conjunction with batteries, Maxwell ultracapacitor modules provide the high efficiency recharge and high power required for acceleration. More information on the 125V HTM may be accessed via the following link:
VCA North America is an office of the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA), an executive agency of the United Kingdom Department for Transport. VCA North America was established in 1991 and is the largest Type Approval Authority in North America for United Nations ECE Regulations and EC Directives. Our status as a UK government agency means that we can witness the tests and issue approvals (i.e. one stop shop) keeping cost and timing of the approval process to a minimum. Our approvals are readily accepted throughout the European Community and further afield. For further information about us please visit our web site at and our HQ web site at

Maxwell is a leading developer and manufacturer of innovative, cost-effective energy storage and power delivery solutions. Our BOOSTCAP® ultracapacitor cells and multi-cell modules provide safe and reliable power solutions for applications in consumer and industrial electronics, transportation and telecommunications. Our CONDIS® high-voltage grading and coupling capacitors help to ensure the safety and reliability of electric utility infrastructure and other applications involving transport, distribution and measurement of high-voltage electrical energy. Our radiation-mitigated microelectronic products include power modules, memory modules and single board computers that incorporate powerful commercial s ilicon for superior performance and high reliability in aerospace applications. For more information, please visit our website: