Horizontal Web DryerA new Macrowave radio frequency drying system provides greater efficiency than conventional web dryers and enables the high-speed drying of water-based patterned glue and coatings at line speeds previously reached only with solvent based coatings, is being introduced by Radio Frequency Co., Inc. of Millis, Massachusetts.

The Macrowave RF Drying System, in patterned coating applications, selectively heats only the coated portions on the web leaving the bound moisture in the substrate intact, thus preventing over-drying, discoloration, distortion, and shrinkage. Capable of operating at web speeds up to 1500 FPM, this system needs one-fifth to one-third of the floor space required for hot air and IR dryers, permits lower web temperatures, and provides up to 50% energy savings.

Eliminating the long dwell times associated with conventional drying methods, the Macrowave RF Drying System reduces make-ready time because RF power is instant “on/off” and energy is only consumed in proportion to the load in the system. The Macrowave RF Drying System can be configured to handle webs up to 120" wide and meets OSHA safety regulations and FCC standards on communication non-interference.

The Macrowave RF Drying Systems are priced from $60,000 up, depending upon configuration. Feasibility studies and quotations are available on request.

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