TPS54060 and TPS7A30/49 development kitsTexas Instruments introduced two power management development kits, which help designers generate the cleanest possible positive and negative voltage rails to power today’s analog circuits. The new TPS54060 and TPS7A30/49 development kits remove switching noise and increase the performance of data converters, operational amplifiers, clocks and other signal chain devices. For more information and to order, visit:     

“In today’s medical, test and measurement and industrial control markets, the need for increased performance becomes more critical as the data converter resolution increases, or as the full-scale range of the signal decreases,” said Greg Waterfall, manager for TI’s linear power product development. “For example, a 16-bit data converter can behave like a 14-bit data converter due to excessive noise generated by a dirty power supply.” 

Designers can significantly enhance their system’s power performance by connecting the new TPS54060EVM-590 and TPS7A30-49EVM-567 evaluation modules for a complete low-noise reference design. TI’s new 60-V TPS54060 SWIFT™ switcher in an inverting buck-boost configuration generates a highly accurate, highly balanced positive and negative output voltage up to 18 volts. The switcher’s positive and negative voltage outputs are post-regulated with TI’s TPS7A30 and TPS7A49 low-noise high-PSRR LDOs.   

Key benefits of TPS54060EVM-590 and TPS7A30-49EVM-567:

  • High performance and low noise: Lowest possible switching noise, high PSRR.
  • Flexibility to support high positive and negative voltages.
  • Easy to use: Simply connect the two development kits to start evaluation.
  • Easy to order: Development kits ship in 24 hours.

Availability and pricing

The TPS54060 and TPS7A30/49 evaluation modules are available through the TI eStore. Suggested resale pricing for the TPS54060EVM-590 is $25 and TPS7A30-49EVM-567 is $20.  For more information about TI’s power products and to order the development kits:


For more information, go to