WEC028- 3D building imageHUNTINGTON BEACH, CA, February 22, 2011 - World Energy Control Corporation (WECC) has designed a network communication function into its Distributed Lighting Control System (DLCS) that allows building owners and facility managers to reduce energy usage and costs while proactively monitoring lighting system components for maintenance and replacement requirements. The network communication system, known as WECC-Talk (TM), is a unique network of software that integrates a master computer with lamp fixtures via the DLCS' VBC100 controller and allows the system to monitor and control each fixture independently.

"WECC-Talk allows users to do something no other technology can- deliver
commands to individual ballasts and lamps while collecting valuable usage and performance information from those components," said Ron Flores, WECC president and CEO. "Our WECC-Talk network enables the master computer to 'talk' to these devices and monitor how long the devices have been operating. It also helps determine the optimum time to replace ballasts and lamps before they begin to waste energy."

WECC-Talk is an intelligent network that carries the instructions to the VBC100 (VB) lighting controller to control power to the dimming ballast and lamps. WECC-Talk carries information back from the VB to the master computer concerning operating temperature, power level and hours of operation for ballasts and lamps. Depending on the rated hours of operation for each component, the WECC DLCS will advise the facility manager when a lamp or ballast is becoming less efficient and needs to be replaced. (As lamps begin to age, they require more power to burn at the same brightness.)

"WECC-Talk is a different network because the software resides on the system's master computer, not within a separate, extra control unit," said Flores. "The software controls when, where and how much light is produced, and it uses the VBC100 lighting controller to execute those commands to each fixture."

The WECC-Talk network enables and reports lamp/ballast fault detection, ensures optimization of natural light for appropriate task lighting, and facilitates efficient energy usage and cost savings. The WECC DLCS is the first lighting control system of its kind, providing true aggregate control for each light fixture, room, zone, floor, building or campus by using the local network to control access via desktop computer, laptop or smartphone.

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