TREK-743Advantech announced it has a new option available for the TREK-743, 7-inch Vehicle-Mounted Computer with support for Lubuntu, a lightweight, derivative of the Ubuntu operating system. This faster, lightweight and more energy efficient operating system gives system integrators an alternative to the traditional Windows-based platform. This allows programmers experienced in Linux platform development to quickly bring applications to market, as well as reducing costs by eliminating operating system licensing fees.

Special Request Becomes Standard Offering
A large installation in India became the basis for porting the Linux operating system to the TREK-743. With an anticipated installation of more than 200 units, the customer was keen to reduce costs and called on the experience of Advantech to assist in a solution. By moving TREK-743 to a Linux based platform, Advantech was able to significantly reduce the cost per unit for the Mumbai customer. TREK-743 is running in a pilot program in the city's public bus transportation system, and customer satisfaction is very high. Advantech has decided to offer the operating system choice as a standard offering.

Increases Choice Makes TREK-743 More Attractive to Different Developers
TREK-743 is a fanless and compact, vehicle-mounted computer suitable for a wide range of commercial vehicle applications. The radio options and programmable function keys make the TREK-743 suitable for delivery, fleet management and warehousing/logistics applications. The ruggedized aluminum enclosure does not have ventilation holes, which makes the TREK-743 waterproof and dust proof. It is equipped with options for real-time communication and data capture in vehicles to improve productivity. Its availability in either a Windows or Linux platform adds versatility to the system and makes it attractive to different developer environments.

Customization Tailor-Made to Meet Customer Need
Advantech’s experience in the industry and its customer-centric focus enables it to anticipate and respond to customers in a timely and professional manner. The move to add Linux support to the TREK-743 Vehicle Mounted Computer, could very well serve as the opener for other products in the series to follow, bringing a choice of operating systems to the entire portfolio. For more information about TREK-743 or other fleet management solutions, please contact Advantech directly or visit our website: