Imation Corp. today announced new cost-effective, easy-to-implement solutions based on the industry-standard RDX® storage platform designed to help small- and medium-size businesses (SMBs) store, protect and connect their critical business data. Imation, a leading global technology company, announced its robust roadmap for its high-performance RDX removable hard disk drive system at the 2011 Storage Visions Conference this week at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas. Imation was also named a finalist for the Storage Visions “Visionary Company” award, based on the company’s leading work to advance RDX technology and applications for SMBs.

Ideal for backup, disaster recovery and enabling of secure and efficient use of cloud storage applications, Imation’s RDX portfolio will feature several new additions during the first half of 2011, including:

The RDX “A8” multi-cartridge storage device, a network-attached device that holds up to eight RDX cartridges of interchangeable capacities. This new autoloader-like device offers iSCSi network connectivity; up to 8 terabytes of native capacity storage using eight 1TB cartridges; table-top or 2U high rackmount configuration; remote management interface; and enterprise-class throughput.

USB 3.0 interface for single cartridge internal and external RDX docking stations, with HDD-drive data transfer rates up to 3-4 times faster than USB 2.0 when performing data backup and restore.

Imation also plans additional 2011 RDX roadmap investments in the areas of increased cartridge capacities, enhanced cloud storage applications, scalable and efficient storage, and government-grade (FIPS) security features.

“The data storage and IT needs of a small or medium business are very similar to a large business in terms of backup, security, recovery, and archiving. Yet research shows that few SMBs back up critical company data regularly, if at all,” said Subodh Kulkarni, chief technology officer and senior vice president, Imation. “Imation’s RDX portfolio offers an easy-to-implement solution. With a lower total cost of ownership compared to entry-level tape-based systems, forward and backward compatibility, interface flexibility, and high performance, the versatility of an RDX system helps SMB customers establish a data storage and protection strategy that can keep pace with capacity growth demands. It also helps protect valuable business information and meet important legal requirements. We are pleased that 2011 Storage Visions has selected Imation as a finalist in its ‘Visionary Company’ award as a reflection of Imation’s continued commitment to expand its RDX offerings to meet the critical data storage needs of business users.”

The RDX system is designed specifically to help small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to store, protect, and connect their data through the following applications:

STORE -- Storage and Backup: RDX makes data storage and backup easier, faster, and more reliable, giving SMBs access to enterprise-class data storage and backup feature.

PROTECT -- Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity: RDX provides a cost-effective, easy-to-implement, scalable solution for SMBs to secure and protect their information in the event of a disaster.

CONNECT – Enabling Cloud Storage: RDX provides and efficient and secure tool that enables SMBs to seed initial data to the cloud, and accelerate data recovery should a need arise to restore data.