AL5750Alereon, a technology leader for Ultra Wideband (UWB) solutions, announced the addition of several new wireless HDMI reference designs to the company’s UWB wireless solution offerings: The AL5750 1080p Wireless UWB Audio/Video Adapter, the AL5810/11 Wireless HDMI Encoder/Decoder and the AL5820/21 Wireless HDMI Encoder/Decoder with 3D support. All reference designs are powered by Alereon’s ECMA and ISO standard AL5000 worldwide Ultra Wideband chipset.

The AL5750 1080p reference design supports higher screen resolution, longer range and improved text and video performance with lower CPU utilization for laptop to HDTV applications. Based on the new SMSC UFX6000 USB Graphics Adapter the AL5750 adapter wirelessly supports up to 1080p in both standard and wide screen aspect ratios. Video output includes HDMI (v1.3 compliant) and optional VGA + stereo analog connectors. The design also includes two optional USB ports. An example application is a wireless desktop universal docking station.

The AL5810/11 provides wireless support for HDMI to HDMI cable replacement application, including High-bandwidth Digital Copy Protection [HDCP] support. The AL5810/11 Wireless Encoder/Decoder, based on the Taifatech Encoder/Decoder supports 1080p with HDCP and is designed for cost sensitive applications while not sacrificing performance. This solution is ideal for usage in wireless HDMI cable replacement applications in conference rooms and for wall mounted HDTVs.

The AL5820/21 Wireless Encoder/Decoder with 3D support is based on the Cavium PureVu-3D™ CNW5302 Full-HD Video Co-Processor. This solution supports 1080p-60 with HDCP utilizing Cavium’s SLL Technology™ for achieving low latency. The AL5820/21 is targeted at high performance designs that support 3D applications with unsurpassed video quality. This solution is ideal for in room wireless HDMI cable replacement applications for connecting set top boxes or Blu-ray DVD players for large wall mounted HDTVs including gaming console applications.

“Streaming video designs require high quality wireless links that are not susceptible to shaky video artifacts resulting from WiFi interference,” said Eric Broockman, Alereon’s CEO.

0“Alereon’s reference designs utilize our worldwide UWB technology that is capable of delivering 240Mbps of throughput and is devoid of the performance and interference issues that are usually associated with other wireless solutions. Alereon’s new reference designs provide our customers with a quick time to market solution that meet consumer’s quality and cost expectations.”

Alereon’s video solutions include 13 different wireless designs in production based on the DisplayLink DL-165 that provide over 220Mbps throughput. Future enhancements to Alereon’s DisplayLink based solutions will be announced in the near future.


The AL5750 will be available to initial customers in January 2011. The AL5810/11 and AL5820/21 solutions will be available to initial customers in February 2011. 

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