LP16 E-Switch announces the LP16 series long life, illuminated pushbutton switch. Its long life of 50,000,000 cycles is realized by the help of magnets. There are two cap sizes – 12.2mm and 14.6mm square, and there are quite a few illuminations options available. You can choose the cap color, LED color options, and/or a diffuser color.

This illuminated pushbutton switch also has a long travel of 3.3mm.

Specifications include:

Life Expectancy: 50,000,000 cycles
Contact Rating: 100mA, 20VDC
Contact Resistance (Initial Max): 150 milliohms
Function: SPST, Off-(On)
Insulation Resistance: 10Megaohms min at 500VDC
Dielectric Strength (1 min): 500 VAC
Operating Force: 250 gf +/- 50gf
Total Travel: 3.3mm +/- 0.3mm
Operating/Storage Temperature: -5°C to +60°C

The markets for the LP16 series illuminated pushbutton switch include audio / visual applications, instrumentation, telecommunication, networking and the computer peripheral market.

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