040068FR For applications that face particularly tight space restraints, SUYIN has developed the two-pin type 040068FR right-angle DC power jack connector (max. 6.3 V DC / 2.0 A DC). This THT jack, which is equipped with a spring-loaded switch contact and a center pin with a diameter of 1.65 mm accepts a cylindrical DC connector with an outer diameter of 4.0 mm.

Its height of just 4.4 mm above the printed circuit board is achieved through two clever design tricks: First, the jack housing is partially open towards the top. Second, its underside can be mounted in a way that is partially counter-sunk into the board by 0.9 mm. The jack's underside, which is designed for in-board mounting, has a cross shape. As a result, after mounting, it is able to withstand the strongest removal forces in all horizontal directions.

The number of guaranteed mating cycles is specified at 5,000, the contact resistance at 20 m? (initial) and the insulation resistance at 100 M? (initial). A capton film on the top of the jack ensures trouble-free automatic pick & place assembly using a vacuum-assited pipette.

Key specifications at a glance:

connector type - DC-jack with switch contact, Through-Hole
pin number - 2-pole
dimensions - 12 x 6.2 x 5.3 (L x W x H in mm)
part number - 040068FR003G100ZR

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