AVV536 9276 ConnectorAVX Corporation has introduced its new 9276 Series discrete wire-to-board ‘poke-home’ connector, simplifying installation and providing a quick and reliable termination in a sleek 2.5mm pitch SMT package. Suitable for a broad range of industrial and commercial markets, users can simply strip wires and insert them into the connector. AVX provides a small insertion / extraction tool which enables the wires to be easily replaced up to five times.

Developed for harsh industrial and solid state lighting (SSL) applications, the connector has been designed using a high spring force beryllium copper upper spring contact that accepts a wide range (18-24AWG solid or stranded) of wire sizes to meet multiple applications within a single connector.

Devices are available in 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 positions. By utilizing a dual contact design, 9276 Series connectors offer a higher current rating (up to 6A) compared to competing products while minimizing PCB space. For example, the four-position connector has a footprint of 90mm² while competing products require 160mm². The dual-contact design also provides two solder points for each wire, eliminating the need for external anchor tabs.

“Many products on the market today include a small number of discrete wires which connect components to a board. Our 9276 Series ‘poke-home‘ connectors make this process simple, quick and reliable - which makes the device extremely termination-friendly within the factory as well as in the field with electrical installers,” said Tom Anderson, product manager at AVX.

Typical applications include: connecting discrete wired components such as fans, motors, switches, LEDs, sensors and drives directly to a PCB; bringing power, ground and signals onto a PCB; and daisy-chaining PCBs together to create a continuous string of boards.

Pricing for the 9276 Series connectors is set at competitive market levels with a lead time of eight weeks.

For more information, contact AVX at One AVX Boulevard, Fountain Inn, S.C. 29644; by calling 864-228-3421, or on the Web at