TM1000-1E-Switch announces the TM1000 series tilt switch. With an 1,000,000 life cycle expectancy, the switch is environmentally friendly and contains no mercury. This tilt switch is triggered when it is tilted 45 degrees of the horizontal.

The TM1000 series switch is best used when orientation or position sensing requirements are needed in the application.

Specifications include:

• Life Expectancy: 1,000,000 cycles
• Contact Rating: 20mA 24V (AC or DC)
• Contact Resistance (Initial Max): 5 Ohms max
• Contact Arrangement: SPST
• Insulation Resistance: 100Megaohms min at 500VDC
• Dielectric Strength (1 min): 500 VAC
• Operating/Storage Temperature: -25°C to +70°C

The markets for the TM1000 series tilt switch include portable equipment, gaming and computer applications, security devices and medical equipment.

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