GoddardD-subminiatures are a popular connector choice for space flight applications. High performance D-subminiature connectors utilize closed entry contacts to enhance performance. Closed entry contacts have an unbroken ring of solid material at the face of the contact. In most cases, a sleeve is placed over a standard "split tine" contact to achieve the closed entry feature. This design offers a degree of increased reliability but does have inherent weaknesses.

Positronic's new PosiBand closed entry contact is a significant improvement over the legacy design and overcomes many of the weaknesses associated with the "split tine" and sleeve approach. The PosiBand separates the mechanical and electrical function of the contact system. The base contact provides a true closed entry feature and enhanced electrical stability. The PosiBand spring clip provides more stable mechanical function.

Greater contact interface between male and female contacts is achieved by this design when compared to the "split tine" design. Greater contact interface can provide greater resistance to vibration and corrosion factors found in harsh environments. Greater contact interface is achieved without increased insertion force; in fact, the PosiBand system has a lower average insertion force when compared to the legacy design.

PosiBand contact resistance is 3 milliohms for size 20 contacts and 4 milliohms for size 22 contacts. The current rating for size 20 contacts is 14 amps with 6 contacts energized. Size 22 contact current rating is 10 amps with 6 contacts energized. Both were tested per U.L. 1977.

In addition, PosiBand contacts do not require annealing of the crimp barrel. This eliminates the possibility of unintentionally annealing the mating end of the female contact, which can cause intermittent or open electrical circuits.

The PosiBand system is more robust than the split tine design, making it more suitable for harsh or high reliability environments. The PosiBand system meets or exceeds performance requirements of SAE AS 39029, GSFC S-311-P4/08 Rev C and GSFC S-311-P4/10 Rev C.

This new contact system is now available in Goddard part numbers G08S2 and G10S2. Positronic offers a full line of high performance standard density, high density, and combo-D D-subminiature connectors. Many terminations types and accessories are available. All include the PosiBand contact system as standard.

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