mts300Digitaltest GmbH and JTAG Technologies today announced the integration of their test methods within the Digitaltest MTS series of in-circuit test systems. As a result, electronics designers and manufacturers will benefit from even greater test coverage and programmability of complex PCBs, all within a single process step.

Digitaltest's Sigma 'combinational' test system is already among the most versatile and advanced board testers on the market with comprehensive shorts/opens, analogue, power-up, serial bus (I2C CAN etc..), and 'vectorless', testing options. DSP based analogue measurements allow shorts test of 1000 points per second. With integrated boundary-scan capabilities--powered by JTAG TechnologiesT -- users can now further enhance their high-precision testing capabilities. Test development and deployment times are minimized, test coverage is maximized whilst fixture complexity can be reduced due to test-point elimination especially for complex digital PCBs where physical access [to electrical nodes] is limited.

The JTAG Technologies boundary-scan option provides access to both test features and high throughput in-system programming (ISP) via the dedicated JT 3727/DPC, a four TAP IEEE 1149.x hardware controller developed in co-operation with Digitaltest.

ISP support currently covers NOR, NAND and serial flash parts plus many families of micros with embedded flash (see SCIP data) as well as IEEE Std
1532 CPLD and legacy PLDs.

Ute Boctor, President of Digitaltest, says, "Our customers have asked us to integrate boundary-scan into our products. In order to meet this request for high-performance digital testing and wide-ranging device ISP support, we are very pleased to collaborate with JTAG Technologies in offering an integrated solution. Customers will gain greater test coverage while maintaining a consistent user interface. "

Digitaltest with JTAG boundary-scan capabilities are available immediately via their world-wide network of distributors.