AppoTize announced the release of the iPad application Convert2 – TechPro for iPad, a professional unit conversion program for scientists, engineers, technicians and students. The software allows for easy sharing of data with iWork for iPad applications as well as all other iPad app’s which support copy and paste. Convert2 - TechPro for iPad is the only unit conversion app consistent with the official values in NIST Special Publication 811 “Guide for the Use of the International System of Units.” Convert2 - TechPro for iPad contains thousands of sought after conversions for the technical professional. Convert2 - TechPro for iPad is available on the iPhone App Store at

Commercial and Educational volume discounts are available.

- Keep most used conversions handy
-Simple, clean, easy to use, customizable interface
-Conversions include description and unit symbols for accuracy and rigorous unit analysis
-Built-in conversion calculator
-Conversion accuracy guaranteed to 7 significant digits 
- Consistent with official NIST values for conversion integrity 
- Selectable scientific or general notation 
- Copy to and paste from other iPad app’s
-Web access to National Institute of Standards and Technology
-Compatible with iPad

- Angle
-Angular acceleration
-Angular velocity
-Area or 2nd moment of inertia
- Density
-Energy or work
-Force divided by length
-Heat density
-Heat transfer coefficient
-Illuminance, light
-Luminance, light
-Magnetic flux
-Magnetic flux density
-Mass or weight
-Mass divided by length
-Mass divided by time
-Pressure or stress
-SI prefixes
-Specific heat capacity
-Speed or velocity
-Thermal conductivity
-Thermal resistance
-Thermal resistivity
-Torque, moment of force
-Velocity or speed
-Viscosity, dynamic
-Viscosity, kinematic
-Weight or mass
-Work or energy

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