GOEPEL electronic recently introduced TEM/ISO, another new component within the frame of the revolutionary Boundary Scan hardware platform SCANFLEX. The newly developed TAP Extension Modules (TEM) has been designed particularly for applications in critical signal environments and enables a complete galvanic isolation of the TAP transceiver from the target unit under test.

“The new TEM/ISO module guarantees our TAP interfaces’ stability in critical signal environments, whereby signal transmission speed is not affected“, says Karl Miles, UK Sales Manager for GOEPEL electronics Ltd. UK. “The flexible and reliable standard solution, fully compatible to the existing SCANFLEX portfolio, completes our product range in this segment. It provides our customers an excellent adaptability to various environments and interface conditions.”

TEM/ISO can be implemented into each FXT series SCANFLEX TAP Transceiver and isolates the differential TAP signals for controlling external TAP Interface Cards (TIC). It can be combined with each TIC02/xx and TIC03/xx, and is pin-compatible to the already existing TEM module. This compatibility enables a trouble-free upgrade of existing applications.

Furthermore, the differential coupling enables an extremely safe data transfer via several meters with TCK frequencies up to 80 MHz. There’s no performance loss as run time delays of the cables and unit under test (UUT) are individually compensated per TAP by the ADYCS™ technology. In combination with the SCANFLEX TAP Transceiver SFX/TAP8-FXT, up to eight independent real parallel Taps’ can now be controlled with complete electronic isolation.

The new TAP Extension Module are fully supported by the industrially leading JTAG/Boundary Scan software SYSTEM CASCON from version 4.5.3 on, and enable operations for standards IEEE1149.1, IEEE1149.4, IEEE1149.6, IEEE1149.7, IEEE1532, JESD71 as well as JTAG and numerous non JTAG Debug interfaces. The recognition of the TEM/ISO modules by the software is done automatically using the AutoDetect feature.
Due to OEM cooperation with all the leading vendors of In-Circuit Testers (ICT), Manufacturing Defect Analysers (MDA), Flying Probe Testers (FPT) and Functional Testers (FT), the new solution is available for production with immediate effect.

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