Intervox, a division of International Components Corporation (ICC), has introduced a low profile speaker, Model S150RMSS-50-HT3, capable of delivering multiple tones, as well as, voice
alert messages.

The temperature range of this model is specifically designed to work with automotive sensor applications. In addition this Intervox speaker can generate a variety of distinctive beeping sounds. A unique capability is the potential for several sounds allowing medical equipment to signal specific malfunctions with a different sound from one device. For example, one frequency is utilized for an EKG and another frequency is used for the patients pulse rate.

This rugged 36 mm (1 ½ inch) speaker can withstand a wide temperature range from -40°C to +85°C. Its low profile design makes it suitable for equipment with limited space. The speaker is constructed of durable PBT plastic, weighs just 4.6 grams, with dimensions of 36 mm diameter by 4.0 mm height. The voice coil impedance is 50 ohms with a sound pressure level (S.P.L.) is 88 dB ± 3 dB. This speaker is also available in 8 ohm version.

Intervox, a division of International Components Corporation, is a leading supplier of standard and custom designed audible signal devices, including electronic buzzers, transducers, piezoelectric buzzers, sirens and sounders, miniature speakers and electret condenser microphones. Intervox products combine low cost and high quality, making them ideal for a variety of applications – from computers and telecommunications, to alarms and security devices, instrumentation, medical equipment, automotive and consumer electronics.

For more information on Intervox speakers, contact:
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