Home Depot EcoSmart LED Bulb LineThe wait is over—starting today Americans can buy a full line of ultra-efficient LED bulbs from The Home Depot that are brighter and longer-lasting at a dramatically lower retail price than similar products on the market. Built in the USA by Lighting Science Group (OTCBB: LSCG) for The Home Depot, the ECOSMART LED line includes bulbs in the common A19, PAR38, PAR30, PAR20, MR16, and G25 types. The ECOSMART LED bulbs have higher lumen or light output than similar LED bulbs, are approximately 80% more efficient than traditional bulbs, are dimmable, and will last nearly 46 years.*

“This is a very smart play for Americans,” said Joe Montana, football legend and member of Lighting Science Group’s Board of Directors. “Head to The Home Depot; pick up some affordable ECOSMART LED bulbs; install them; and sit back and enjoy substantial energy savings for a very long time. These bulbs are truly a game winner.”

“Installing ECOSMART LED bulbs really is the smart play,” said Jorge Fernandez, Merchant-Electrical, The Home Depot. “They are the highest quality, most affordable and long lasting LED light bulbs on the market.”

To ensure performance and reliability, the ECOSMART LED line was tested under the rigorous LM-79 process by an independent laboratory approved by the U.S. Department of Energy’s CALiPER program. The test results show that the ECOSMART LED bulbs outperform competing similar products on the market. Compared to a traditional incandescent bulb, consumers will save an average of $200 in energy cost over the life of the ECOSMART LED bulb.**

“Now is the time to ditch your inefficient incandescent and halogen bulbs, and to start experiencing outstanding light quality coupled with significant energy savings with ECOSMART LED bulbs,” said Zach Gibler, Chief Executive Officer, Lighting Science Group. “Plus, you won’t have to worry about pulling out the step ladder to change these bulbs for a long, long time.”

The ECOSMART LED bulbs contain no mercury, are completely recyclable, are instant on, have an estimated payback period of one to two years, and range in retail price from $18.97 for an A19 and MR16 to $44.97 for a PAR38. All of the bulbs are available on The Home Depot’s web site ( and in stores nationwide.

“Lighting Science Group is proud to be the LED technology provider for The Home Depot—the world’s largest lighting retailer—and deliver an American solution for our energy and environmental challenges,” added Gibler.