EnerSys, a world leader in stored energy solutions for industrial applications, has introduced a new web-based Battery Sizing and configuration Program (BSP) that offers an advanced sizing engine with more configuration options for multiple applications including switchgear, telecom, UPS and solar applications. Unlike most sizing solutions available, this new BSP also provides battery layout/configuration options.

"By evolving our battery sizing and configuration program to a robust online solution, we can deliver smart, quality systems that will help our clients compete effectively in their markets and grow successful businesses," said John Gagge, EnerSys vice president, Reserve Power Sales & Service -Americas.

BSP is now the official sizing engine for EnerSys, which will replace the previous PC-based program, CORE. Because it is a web-based application, BSP is designed to be constantly updated with the latest information that EnerSys® clients need and the site will benefit from regular upgrades and new releases. Clients can access BSP 24/7 from anywhere in the globe using the Internet.

One of the unique features of the BSP is its ability to configure batteries based on a specific cell type or on a particular application such as switchgear, telecom, UPS and solar applications.

BSP allows users to specify the load input that they need in various units such as Amps, Watts, KW and KVA. BSP also allows users to easily add or remove load input steps anywhere in their equipment profile. This is especially beneficial for the specifying engineers who can access the answers they need quickly.

New reports that are available on BSP will save clients time and give them the answers they need to make educated decisions. The ability to save the reports for future references is helpful for planning. Some of the reports available include:

? Summary Margin Reports - show the user how well each EnerSys® battery fits their requirements (shown in a percent value)

? Standard IEEE-485 Reports - show the sizing calculations for all applications except UPS

? UPS Sizing Reports - provide specifications based on IEEE with parameters that are made for UPS system requirements

? Rack and Cabinet Reports - provide the customer detailed information such as seismic zone, footprint, floor loading, spill containment and any selected optional rack/cabinet items

? Overall System Reports - provide a bill of material (BOM) of the entire battery system and provides a list of optional accessories for the battery type chosen

? Performance Reports - allow users to create custom battery performance literature for the time periods and voltages they want to see

Unlike many other programs, the EnerSys BSP goes beyond battery sizing. It can be used to determine the best configuration options for racks, accessories and various room layouts for traditional flooded products and the DataSafe 12V Top Terminal and 16V Front Terminal HX batteries.

To help new users get the most from the battery sizing program, EnerSys has a quality-focused customer service team available to help clients as well as a "BSP-User Guide" to help users navigate through the sizing program screens.

To open an account, visit to request a password and login to the new online battery sizing program. To ensure maximum security, users receive randomly generated passwords. Upon logging in, the program privileges are establish to allow various levels of features based on the user's role. Because the encrypted user sessions (SSL) are secure, clients' work is protected throughout every stage of the project.

BSP works on multiple operating systems and it is optimized for Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0+. The program is best viewed on display sizes of 1024x768 pixels or larger. The BSP is currently available in four different languages. EnerSys plans to add even more information, new features and releases, and additional languages in the future.