Holt Integrated Circuits today announced a Controller Area Network (CAN) solution for the industrial market. The device is the world' first CAN controller with integrated transceiver and meets the requirements of both ISO 11898-1:2003(E) (CAN protocol) and ISO 11898-5 (CAN transceiver).

CAN is a popular fieldbus used in industrial automation. The Holt HI-5113 provides a single-chip implementation of data link and physical layers and may be used seamlessly with higher layer protocols such as DeviceNet and CANopen. The device is capable of operating in the temperature range -40C to +85C.

The HI-5113 provides the most compact and reliable implementation of CAN on the market today, providing an easy-to-use host SPI interface and connecting directly to the CAN bus via the internal transceiver said Anthony Murray, Director of Business Development at Holt.

The device communicates with an external microcontroller via a Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) and has transmit and receive FIFOs that hold up to eight CAN frames each. The HI-5113 has numerous modes of operation, including monitor mode, loopback mode and a low-power sleep mode. Automatic wake-up from sleep mode is also possible. Other features include 8 maskable ID filters with filtering on the first two data bytes, permanent dominant timeout protection, +/-58V short circuit capability on CANH, CANL and SPLIT pins and a transmit history FIFO.

The HI-5111 is a digital-only version (no transceiver) which may be used in applications where an external transceiver is desired. The HI-5113 is available in a compact 44-pin QFN and other device variants are available in an 18-pin SOIC package.

Samples of HI-5113 are available on request, along with a demonstration board kit and example software.

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