Microsemi Corporation announced today a new 2,200 watt peak RF power silicon carbide transistor, extending its market leading portfolio of silicon carbide (SiC) devices for high power UHF Band pulsed radar applications.

With the introduction of the new model 0405SC-2200M device, Microsemi supports next-generation UHF pulsed radar designs with a full series of SiC transistor options from 100 watts, 500 watts, 1,000 watts, 1,500 watts and now 2,200 watts for both weather and long range over-the-horizon radar applications.

"We are excited to be the market leader in silicon carbide broadband transistors designed specifically for the UHF radar market," said Charles Leader, Microsemi RFIS Vice President. "This 2,200 watt device results from our long-term commitment to the military and aerospace markets, aggressively investing in SiC technology. In addition to supporting next-generation UHF designs, we're developing high pulsed power SiC transistors for both L-Band and S-Band radar systems. Our initial L-Band devices are scheduled for demonstration this fall," he said.

The 0405SC-2200M transistor is a Generation 3 Chip in its geometry, materials, processing and packaging. It is designed in a single-ended package for common gate 2,200 watt Class AB performance in the UHF frequencies from 406 MHz to 450 MHz. A hermetically sealed package built with 100% high temperature gold metallization and wires provides highest reliability and improved system yields. Its advanced SiC design provides state-of-the-art power in the industry's smallest transistor and circuit size for the specified frequency range.

Additional system benefits include simplified impedance matching, a high 125 volt operating voltage that drastically reduces power supply size and dc current demand, low conducting current minimizing system noise, and the industry's highest peak power for reduced system power combining -- 4 way combination yields 8 kW with margin.

0405SC-2200M Features:

-- Designed for 406-450 MHz UHF Radar

-- Medium Pulse 300 us, 6% Format

-- 2,200 Watt Output Power

-- Typical Power Gain Greater than 8 dB

-- Drain Efficiency: 55% at 450 MHz

-- Typical Compression: 1.0 dB

-- Vdd: +125V

-- Rugged VSWR-T 10:1 Capability

Demo units are available now by contacting the factory directly or by email to Technical datasheets are available on the Microsemi website at