LeeP springs  Providing advantages over traditional springs such as a high strength-to-weight ratio, no magnetic interference, high corrosion resistance, and dielectric insulation, LeeP springs from Lee Spring are molded from SABIC Innovative Plastics’ Ultem resin. 

The plastic composite springs are stocked in a variety of standard sizes, each available in a “rainbow” of strengths formulated from different Ultem resins. The six increasing strengths are easily identifiable by distinct colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Violet, with Violet being the strongest.

In addition to the initial LeeP Stock Compression Spring offering, Custom LeeP Springs are available.

LeeP Springs offer many advantages including:

• Novel designs to maximize spring rates and cycle life, while minimizing solid height
• High strength-to-weight ratios that optimize performance while reducing mass
• Excellent stability of physical and mechanical properties at elevated temperatures up to 340° F
• High corrosion resistance and compatibility with many chemicals

• Non-magnetic material does not interfere with imaging and other Ferro-sensitive technologies
• Dielectric insulating material suitable for non-conductive applications
• Inert non-contaminating plastic composite protects product purity
• Low flammability and toxicity ensuring environmental safety
• Recyclable and compliant with most Global regulations including RoHS and REACH