MB-80100WIN Enterprises, Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of embedded platforms for OEMs, announces the MB-80100, a PICMG 1.3-style SHB that supports twin multicore Intel Nehalem and Westmere processors. MB-80100 features the Intel LGA 1366 processor socket that enables CPU scalability across the Nehalem and Westmere multicore processor families.

The MB-80100 features the Intel 5520 Chipset, FireWire, an LSI 1068E RAID chip and PCI-X. Unlike other PICMG 1.3 boards, the MB-80100 provides up to 20 lanes of full 64-bit PCI-Express support providing unsurpassed I/O in applications that include military, scientific, medical, seismic, meteorology, and others.

Intel Nehalem and Westmere processors exploit advances of Intel in 32 and 45 nm hafnium-based hi-k metal gate transistors and related manufacturing technologies. The integrated memory controller of these processors enables energy-efficient parallel processing performance. MB-80100 supports dual- and quad-core Nehalem, and quad- and six-core Westmere processors. The 32 nm Westmere processor family is expected to grow to 8 and 12-core versions. These processors will be supported by MB-80100 as they become available.


• Supports 32- and 64-bit high-performance computing with twin Intel Nehalem and Westmere Xeon multi-core processors
• 2x LGA 1366 processor sockets (TDP 80W per CPU max)
• Supports up to 20 Lanes of PCI-Express Gen 2.0
• Supports MXM-II interface
• Supports Custom MXM-II Pass-Through Card to bridge x16 lanes
• Features 6 Non-ECC or ECC Registered DDR3 240 pin slots for Triple Channel Memory to each processor
• Individual Power planes for CPU and Memory
• Semi-custom pin-out supports the full range of PCI-Express on WIN Enterprises custom backplanes: 33/66/100/133MHz at both 32-bit and 64-bit rates
• Dual 1GbE LANs
• FireWire support through custom card
• HD Audio Bus Header provided for custom HD Audio output card

Software Support

• Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista 32/64-bit, Windows XP 32/64-bit.


Evaluation units will be available by mid-August of 2010. For additional information visit the MB-80100 webpage at or contact