XBee ZigBee SeriesThe XBP24-Z7WIT-004 module is part of the XBee Series 2 family which provides ZigBee level interoperability with ZigBee devices from other vendors. This hardware is only compatible with other Series 2 XBee modules; it is not compatible with the XBee Series 1.

How else do the Series 2 XBee modules differ from Series 1? Series 2:
• Is compatible only with Series 2 family
• Sold by Parallax only in the popular wire antenna format, but Series 1 is offered with wire antenna or chip antenna.
• Slightly longer communication distance: 400 feet and up to two miles line of sight for the 1.25 mW and 63 mW modules respectively
• Maximum baud rate is higher at up to 1 Mbps
• Slightly lower power consumption than Series 1
• Two less A/D I/Os and two more digital I/Os than Series 1

The most common factor in determining whether to use Series 2 is the potential need to tie-in with other ZigBee-compatible networks. If this is not a requirement, Series 1 may be perfectly suitable for your project. Still having trouble deciding whether to use Series 1 or Series 2? Take a look at our XBee Comparison Chart.

Because the XBee modules have 2 mm pin spacing, we recommend one of our adapter boards for each module. Our adapter boards provide several advantages to the XBee modules such breadboard-friendly standard 0.1 inch pin spacing, mounting holes, and easy-to-solder connections. Even if you are communicating point-to-point without a PC, we still recommend that you always have at least one XBee USB Adapter Board (# 32400) so you can easily configure and test each XBee module prior to putting it in a point-to-point application.

• Parallax support
• 1200 bps – 1 Mbps serial data rate
• 2.4 GHz is accepted world-wide
• Cross-compatibility with other Series 2 modules
• Low-power sleep modes
• Industrial temperature rating (-40C to 85C)

• Remote controlled Boe-Bot robot
• Wireless data acquisition
• Remote signal beacon for adventure seekers