NE3517S03California Eastern Laboratories (CEL) is now shipping its new NE3517S03 GaAs Field Effect Transistor (FET). The new FET has been redesigned with an ultra low cost plastic package, driving down costs to enable even the lowest cost product designs. Its new plastic package does not reduce performance, which remains the same as the prior generation’s ceramic package.
The new NE3517 is an N-Channel GaAs hetero junction FET used primarily as a super low noise amplifier (LNA). Its primary application is cost sensitive product designs in the K-Band at 20 GHz, including LNBs for satellite TV receivers.

Low Cost, High Performance
Though redesigned for low cost, the new FET maintains high performance with strong noise figure (NF) and associated gain (Ga) parameters, critical for applications that use LNAs to extend wireless range.

Technical Information
NF, Ga: 0.7/ 13.5 @ 20 GHz
Package type: Micro-X plastic (S03) package
Package size: 2.6 mm x 2.6 mm x 1.5 mm

Pricing and Availability
The NE3517S03 is shipping now. Pricing is $0.99 in quantities of 100,000. Evaluation boards are available.

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