XMOS L2 USBThis is the industry’s first USB Audio Class 2.0 reference design for high channel count computer audio interfaces, DJ and live sound mixers, musical instruments and digital effects devices. Implemented entirely in software using the dual core XS1-L2 XMOS event driven processor, the new reference design supports high-speed USB Audio 2.0 (480Mbps) and up to 18 input and 18 output audio channels at 24-bit resolution and 192kHz sample rate. Key factors in the design’s reproduction of high quality audio are the use of asynchronous mode and the generation of a highly accurate local low-jitter clock. The reference design also achieves industry-leading sub-3 milliseconds roundtrip latency, making it ideal for live music recording applications. The reference design’s software-defined workflow also enables users to readily adapt and customize the solution to handle specific interfacing requirements, DSP algorithms for audio enhancements and custom front-of-box peripherals. To reduce development time, a ready-made library of software components including I2S, S/PDIF and many other interfaces is available.

Key Features:

· XMOS event-driven multi-threaded processor which integrates audio DSP capability, flexible I/O interfaces and real-time control processing
· USB 2.0 high speed interface which supports high audio channel counts with 24-bit resolution at 192kHz sample rate with extremely low latency (3ms round trip)
· Support for MIDI and S/PDIF in/out
· Audio Class 2.0 compliant for plug-and-play operation with Audio Class 2.0 enabled computers.
· Native USB Audio 2 driver support is available in Apple Mac OSX 10.6.4 and higher; a version of the XS1-L2, which includes a bundled Audio Class 2.0 Windows driver for Windows XP, 7 and Vista is available.
· Audio Class 1.0 compliant for backwards compatibility and native Mac OS X and Windows support
· Asynchronous clocking for complete control of the audio master clock resulting in minimized jitter and highest quality digital audio
· Standard-compliant Device Firmware Update (DFU) loader support provides for in-field software updates to deployed devices
· Additional features will become available later in the year, including digital audio mixing and ADAT with no hardware upgrade required