hpq-12• Industry standard quarter 1/4-brick 2.3" x 1.45" x 0.44" open frame package
• Input voltage range of 36-75Vdc
• 12Vdc fixed output up to 25 Amps
• Isolation up to 2250 VDC (basic)
• Up to 300 Watts total output power

Murata Power Solutions has extended its HPQ range of high power quarter-brick isolated DC-DC converters with the introduction of the HPQ-12/25-D48, a 300W model with 12V output. The new model features a wide 2:1 input range of 36 to 75V and output of 12V, plus high output current of up to 25A in an industry standard quarter-brick package (2.3” x 1.45” x 0.44”). The HPQ-12/25-D48 also boasts high efficiency of up to 94.5%.

The HPQ-12/25-D48 is ideal for a wide range of markets and applications, ranging from industrial and instrumentation to computers and office equipment. Excellent ripple and noise specifications assure compatibility with circuits using CPUs, ASICs, programmable logic and FPGAs. Ideal for battery-powered and telecom equipment, applications for the HPQ-12/25-D48 include small instruments, area-limited microcontrollers, data communications equipment, remote sensor systems, vehicle and portable electronics.

For systems requiring controlled startup/shutdown, remote On/Off control is available with negative or positive polarity. Users can also trim the output voltage of the HPQ-12/25-D48 up or down by ±10% with an external trim resistor. It also offers input-output isolation with Basic insulation up to 2250Vdc. In addition, with a low profile open frame package, the HPQ-12/25-D48 operates within the industrial temperature range of -40°C to 85°C.

The power supply is designed to meet UL/EN/IEC 60950-1 2nd edition safety approvals and is RoHS-6 compliant. Optional features include: a base-plate, which boosts the HPQ-12/25-D48's impressive thermal performance; conformal coating; trim and sense functionality; and various pin lengths.

Pricing starts at $39.79 in OEM quantities and delivery is from stock to 16 weeks.

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