Windows Embedded Developer Update is available for downloadWindows Embedded Developer Update gives developers an easy method to discover, download and install updates, providing them with full control of their development environment and the confidence to know they’ve got the latest update.

Previously, developers could go to different websites to find out more about updates. With Windows Embedded Developer Update, they now always have easy access to the latest available updates so they can be more efficient and spend more time developing innovative solutions for the platform — which is really the fun part.

Windows Embedded Developer Update offers a centralized catalog of content, so developers have access to the technologies they need. It provides automatic updates by checking the development environment to ensure developers have the most current product revisions and updates, and categorizes the available downloads. Developers can automatically discover new innovations, features, and updates for download and installation.
Further extending the value, original equipment manufacturers can now streamline the development process and know their developers and project managers have easy access to the latest from Microsoft. This helps them move quickly to build and bring innovative specialized devices to market.

So what does it look like? Developers have a choice to enable Windows Embedded Developer Update for background scan mode. When it is enabled, an icon will be visible, indicating the background scan mode is on. When an update is available, a small notification bubble will appear. If the background scan mode is not enabled, the developer can open the Windows Embedded Developer Update application and select the scan option to view a list of available updates.

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