Sea Gull Lighting unveiled the newest addition to its line of Ambiance Lx Lighting Systems by Sea Gull Lighting - the LED festoon lamp - at The Dallas Lighting Market, June 24-27, 2010.

Consumers continue to look for ways to be more energy and savings conscious. Replacing traditional xenon light bulbs with LEDs is an easy way to extend the life of lighting systems, lower replacement costs, and provide energy efficiency. The new Ambiance Lx LED Linear System offers the latest in LED technology, delivering long life (35,000 hours+) and added energy efficiency (4x more efficient than conventional light sources). The festoon light source is also dimmable with a standard Triac dimming switch - a feature not standard with many LED lamps. In addition, for those looking to retrofit an existing lighting system, the new LED festoon lamps simply snap into existing Lx system and many standard linear system xenon lampholders for replacement lamping or complete retrofit of a system run.

"We are excited to introduce this high performing LED festoon into the market," said Karl Zartarian, Director Ambiance Lighting Systems of Sea Gull Lighting. "This product provides the added long-life and energy efficient qualities of LED technology with the best quality and enhanced features previously seen with xenon such as dimmability, high color rendering, and high light output. For many consumers, they are able to retrofit LED into their existing under-the-counter and cove lighting systems, making it easy to 'make the swap.' All that is needed is to replace the existing xenon lamp. We look forward to taking the the positive response and momentum from showroom buyers at the Dallas Market Center out into the marketplace."

The LED festoon light source is available in two color temperatures (warm 3000K and cool 4100K) for residential and commercial applications. It is best suited for task & accent lighting for under-the-cabinet, cove and toe-kick space lighting. The directional nature of LED is also ideal for in-cabinet lighting by reducing the glare of the light source. In addition, the festoon has a color rendering index (CRI) of 85 - providing a high spectrum of color to complement any room and comes in eight varieties including 12v and 24v, and clear and frosted lenses.

For those retrofitting an existing system, the festoon will operate with magnetic transformers by just replacing the lamp. Electronic transformer installations would warrant retrofitting with a zero-load transformer in addition to the lamp due to the low wattage consumption of the LED's and minimum load requirements of standard electronic transformers.

About the Ambiance Lx Linear Lighting System
The Ambiance Lx Lighting System is the most flexible, easy to install linear, low voltage lighting system available. For flexible, dramatic light that transforms a space - Ambiance Lx Linear lighting is the system for under and in-cabinet lighting, work surfaces and coves. Lx features adjustable lamp holders, a variety of lamp options - incandescent, xenon and LED all with the flexibility to customize your lighting plan.