FT8010As Smartphones increase in popularity, driven by consumer demand for feature-rich functionality, problems arise from sometimes imperfect and multiple software systems. The most dreaded problem is the “white screen of death;” where a Smartphone “locks-up” requiring a restart, which often involves removing the battery.

Fairchild Semiconductor’s FT8010 custom reset timer with a configurable time select pin is ideal for cell phone and Smartphone designers who need a solution to reset the hardware when the device locks up, without having to remove the battery. The FT8010 enables a portable device to be reset at the touch of designated keypad function.

The FT8010 – unlike discrete implementations which use two to three discrete devices – is a highly integrated, adjustable, single-chip solution offering 7.5 and 11.5 second reset options for design flexibility. This long delay period helps avoid unintended resets caused by accidental key presses. Additionally, the device has two identical reset inputs for single or dual button resetting capability.

The device also features two outputs: a push-pull output with 0.5mA drive and an open-drain output with 0.5mA pull-down drive. The FT8010 draws minimal ICC current when inactive and functions over a wide power supply range of 2.0V to 5.0V.

The FT8010 offers two industry-standard packages, the 2mm x 2mm MLP and the even smaller 1.4mm x1.8mm Ultrathin MLP package. This highlights Fairchild’s ability to solve the complex challenges found in portable designs. By working closely with major cell phone and Smartphone manufacturers and listening to their needs, Fairchild is able to develop optimal solutions to address their design challenges.

Price: $.30

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Delivery: 8 weeks

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