Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA PCIe I/O Reference Design Avnet Electronics announce the release of the Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA PCIe I/O Reference Design using the Intel Atom processor Z510 for embedded applications. The reference design includes a complete set of software drivers connecting Kontron’s nanoETXexpress-SP module featuring the Intel Atom Z510 processor (1.1 GHz) with the Xilinx Spartan-6 SP605 development board via the PCI Express bus. In addition to the nanoETXExpress-SP module and SP605 development board, Kontron’s evaluation carrier board, LVDS-DVI video output adapter and heat spreader are also included within the overall solution.

With over 1,500 engineers trained on this reference design at Avnet’s most recent, record-breaking X-fest, developers will benefit from the integration of these four powerful suppliers. By combining the flexibility and customization available through the Xilinx Spartan-6 SP605 FPGA development board, coupled with the ability to capitalize on the numerous applications which run on the Microsoft® Windows Embedded Standard OS, designers can now spend more time differentiating their product applications within the Windows environment. Customers will also see immediate advantage in the ability to quickly access the Intel Atom embedded processor through the convenience of Kontron’s compute module and supporting hardware.

“Utilizing Avnet’s strategic partnerships with Xilinx, Intel, Microsoft and Kontron has positioned us to deliver a ground-breaking solution that meets the growing demands of our embedded customers,” said Alex Iuorio, senior vice president of supplier marketing for Avnet Electronics Marketing Americas. “With this proven and reliable design, engineers can significantly decrease cycle times associated with base platform development, allowing their time and resources to be more focused on the intellectual property development that differentiates their products in the market.”

“The coupling of our low-cost Spartan-6 FPGA technology with the Atom processor for industrial applications is a direct result of the Xilinx Targeted Design Platform strategy for making FPGA technology more accessible to a broader audience of embedded designers,” said Tim Erjavec, senior director of platforms and services, Xilinx, Inc. “By working from a scalable reference design, designers can easily extend the design and thus focus on their core competitive strengths while taking full advantage of the underlying hardware through the comprehensive deliverables provided.”

“Avnet’s end-to-end reference design adds considerable value to the design community,” said Doug Follett, director of Microsoft OED channel sales for the Americas and EMEA. “The preconfigured image of Microsoft’s Windows Embedded Standard included within Avnet’s reference design enables the design engineer with a flexible, speed-to-market platform that simplifies development, lowers total cost of ownership and further reduces the design cycle, thereby allowing the customer to focus on their own core IP.”

“This reference design is a great example of the value-added support Avnet delivers to our mutual customers,” said Jonathon Luse, director of marketing for Intel’s Low-Power Embedded Products Division. “The Intel Atom processor is being increasingly used in embedded designs to achieve the right balance of performance, size and power.”

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