JTAGPR101JTAG Technologies has broadened its portfolio by offering device programming solutions for an array of serial bus types, including SMBus, SPI, I2C and MicroWire.

Classified by their Serial Controlled IC Programmer (SCIP) grouping, JTAG Technologies is pleased to announce an unrivalled range of support for the in-system programming of devices from the world's leading silicon vendors. SCIP has solved several difficulties.

Whilst many highly integrated microprocessors, DSPs and CPLDs use the JTAG (IEEE Std. 1149 or 1532) Test Access Port as the interface to program internal flash memory, some devices use non-standard instructions and protocols for the communication. What's more, other, generally smaller footprint, devices may use a different physical interface entirely; one that often uses fewer pins than the standard boundary-scan four or five pin TAP.

To enable manufacturers of PCBs using multi-vendor, multi-protocol processors JTAG Technologies leveraged existing knowledge of serial programming via regular JTAG to support busses such as SMBus, SPI, I2C and MicroWire.

So that users can modify existing hardware to cope with the various different programming interfaces JTAG Technologies have added further modules to their existing 'SCIL' (Scan Configurable Interface Logic) range.
The new range of SCIL modules are supplied as 'swappable' interfaces that can convert JTAG DataBlaster hardware (eg JT 37x7 or JT 3710) into a protocol-specific device programmer or tester.

One early user, of SCIP and SCIL components works in the manufacture and test of advanced automotive engine management systems (ECUs) in the UK:
"Using JTAG Technologies' products has allowed us to refine our ISP tools and greatly simplify test fixtures. Integrating the SCIL module onto our Agilent Pin Card was straightforward and allowed us to control programming steps via a 3070 TestPlan. We anticipate cost reductions that our customers greatly appreciate."