Crystal Touch, Ocular’s ( projected capacitive touch panel, is now available in 4.3”, 7.0” and 10.1” panel sizes with multi-touch capabilities. Expanding the Crystal Touch line of innovative touch panels allows for more diverse product applications and additional customer solutions.

The industry leading Crystal Touch family of products creates increased durability and clarity of the displays. Previous touch panels, such as the resistive touch interface, use a film on the screen’s exterior which scratches easily and has a shorter life. The Crystal Touch projected capacitive touch panel has a layer of glass on the exterior, increasing durability and allowing the panel to handle a wider range of temperatures. The Crystal Touch panel provides a clean surface for coverplates to be securely attached, which in turn increases readability, is strong enough to handle harsh cleaners and has a modern look and feel.

Ocular currently has a robust portfolio of Crystal Touch offerings that have been extremely successful in the marketplace. Adding the additional panel sizes allows Ocular to meet demands of current applications and creates an opportunity for additional products to utilize this next generation touch panel in a broader range of industries. According to Phil Spivey, President and CEO of Ocular, “the new Crystal Touch options will allow our current customers to expand their product lines and also invite companies with new ideas to utilize the advanced options and benefits that Crystal Touch provides.”

The broad range of Crystal Touch panel size options allows for application flexibility and will open doors for companies that want to upgrade their current interface application.

Current applications of Crystal Touch panels include portable televisions, point of sale modules, medical devices, automotive and many other industrial applications.

About Ocular

Ocular LCD, INC, headquartered in Dallas, Texas is a leading supplier of industrial touch panels and display products to the embedded technology industry. Ocular’s innovative technologies enable equipment manufacturers to quickly bring to market product solutions with leading-edge, touch-enabled display capabilities. In addition to its products, Ocular’s extensive knowledge and 20 years of experience allow it to work closely with manufacturers to design display capabilities that meet the unique requirements of their applications, including the demands of extreme environments. Ocular’s product realization services can combine customized display and multi-touch products into a fully integrated and tested turnkey product.