5 GHz Differential Amplifier Drives Gigasample ADCs on Just 60 mA of Quiescent CurrentAnalog Devices, Inc. introduced the industry’s first 5-GHz differential amplifier able to drive ADC (analog-to-digital converter) signals from DC to 1 GHz at half the power of competing products. The ADA4960-1 differential amplifier is a high-performance, low-distortion, ultra-high-speed differential amplifier effective for a wide variety of high-speed ADCs with 10-bit linearity to 500 MHz and 8-bit linearity up to 1 GHz. The ADA4960-1 differential amplifier can drive a wide variety of ADCs, such as Analog Devices’ AD9626 12-bit ADC and the AD9211 10-bit ADC.

The ADA4960-1 differential amplifier (data sheet) consumes just 60 mA of quiescent current when operating up to 1 GHz. The amplifier features a 8,700 V/?s (volts per microsecond) slew rate (AV = 6 dB, 2-V step) and wideband, low-distortion performance for frequencies up to and beyond 1 GHz, which make it effective for RF (radio frequency) and IF (immediate frequency) wired communications applications in industrial and instrumentation, defense electronics and aerospace designs. The user accessible gain adjust and bandwidth extension features allow configuration of the ADA4960-1 for line driver and channel equalization applications.

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ADA4960-1 Differential Amplifier Key Features and Benefits

  • ?3 dB bandwidth of 5 GHz (AV = 6 dB)
  • Single resistor programmable gain: 0 dB to 18 dB
  • Differential or single-ended input to differential output
  • Low harmonic distortion (HD2/HD3 @ AV = 6 dB)
    ?88/?69 dBc @ 250 MHz

    ?77/?66 dBc @ 500 MHz

    ?73/?72 dBc @ 1 GHz
  • ?63 dBc IMD3 @ 1 GHz
  • Slew rate:
    • 8,700 V/?s (AV = 6 dB, 2-V pk-pk output)
  • Fast settling time of 1 ns to 1% and overdrive recovery of 10ns.
  • 5-V single-supply operation
  • 0.1 gain flatness to 300 MHz

Availability and Pricing

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-40°C - +105°C




3 mm x 3 mm

16-Lead LFSCP